Talk to Us!

This is the old site, make sure to visit us at!

There’s nothing we love more than hearing from our readers. Have some constructive criticism? Love what we’re doing? Have an idea for us? Reach out to us!

  • Email – If you’re the traditional type, send us an email to Also, if you’re going to call us out for an embarrassing typo or some such thing this is the way to do it without us thinking you’re a tool.
  • Facebook – We post here the most. Random thoughts on things we find on the web that don’t warrant a whole blog post, things that happen during our game nights, and of course all of our blog posts and instagram photos.
  • Instagram – Mostly on the fly pictures of things we’re doing and places we’re at.
  • Flickr – Our instagram photos get posted here, as well as full albums of photos from events we attend.
  • Tumlr – Memes, jokes, and other random fun stuff. Plus, we links to our latest blog posts and our instagram photos are also pushed here.
  • Pinterest – Nicole’s Pinterest page. Kind of like the tumblr, but with sorting.
  • Twitter – Nicole’s twitter account.
  • Raptr – See if you can outrank Nicole in various games!
  • NewsBlur – What Nicole chose as her alternative to Google reader. The sharing feature was one of the reasons. Check out the various articles she finds interesting.

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