Claire and Nicole met playing roller derby, and bonded over ridiculous references to games and TV shows during practice. Outside of practice they are around the D&D table, crafting, and watching movies. They have a dream of one day opening their own Coffee of Doom style coffee-house.

About Nicole

nicole Nicole is an automation engineer (she writes code to test code) and has been passionate about technology since around the age of five. She fell in love when her parents bought her a toy laptop. She went through her cousin’s hand-me-down computers and would look forward to getting home from school so she could play on them. She crashed the family computer several times from tweaking the registry. Once hooked up to the internet, all bets were off. Worked on the website team in high school, and went on to study Informatics in college.

She created this blog when she realized her friends probably weren’t as interested in technology and games as she was, and she could not be verbose enough on Twitter. The solution was to blog so anyone who wanted to read more could, and the rest could easily ignore it. Check out her about.me page to find her around the internet.

About Claire


Claire is a self-proclaimed books and movies nerd, and spends her free time watching way too much TV and playing with her daughter who loves Doctor Who. By day she’s a grad student studying sustainability, by night a geek mom making the next generation awesome. She drinks too much coffee (if there is such a thing) and enjoys relaxing with her dog Judy and a good book.

  1. Good blog I like what you’re doing girls!

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